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How do I grab my screen's EDID information?


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We still get the question regularly so a FAQ topic seems appropriate...


Injecting a laptop built-in screen's EDID information in OS X/macOS is sometimes required when the freshly installed OS does not display the desktop properly on screen due to incorrect detection of the screen's hardware properties/capabilities (frequencies, size, etc.). The following describes one easy way to collect a screen's EDID info through an off-the-shelf Windows app but they're are several other methods too (see this somehow complicated method in this deprecated thread for instance):


I can recommend Monitor Asset Manager. I've used it several times in the past. Very simple to use and works without failure.


You'll get the EDID info at the very bottom of the application's main window where it is displayed as a long string of comma separated hexadecimal values. This is what you need to collect and edit to remove all commas and spaces. You may then inject the resulting raw long string of hexadecimal characters as device property in the iGPU settings of your bootloader's config:

AAPL00,override-no-connect        <EDID's hexadecimal string>        DATA


See the WEG User Manual for reference

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