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Elitebook 6930p - GMA4500 seen as GMAX3100


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I have an HP laptop Elitebook 6930p. I have it docked with external monitor and I am up and running. Everything seem to work ok, I use an Apple usb-ethernet dongle for networking.

I can set my 17" monitor to 1280x1064 by editing the boot.plistm but there is no kext loaded according to system information.

It is an intel mobile express 45 card, but Lion sees it as intel GMAX3100. Is there anything I can do to get Quart Extreme on this card?

This is what I see (Norwegian, but you get it):

Ingen Kext lastet inn = no Kext loaded

Brikkesettmodell: GMAX3100
Type: GPU
Buss: Innebygd
VRAM (totalt): 64 MB delt systemhukommelse
Leverandør: Intel (0x8086)
Enhets-ID: 0x2a42
Revisjons-ID: 0x0007
Kernel Extension-info: Ingen Kext lastet inn
Oppløsning: 1280 x 1024
Pikseldybde: 32-bits farge (ARGB8888)
Hovedskjerm: Ja
Like skjermer: Av
Tilkoblet: Ja

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so far i have not personally seen a gma 4500 or it's variants working with acceleration. i have 2 laptops with 4500 one is an hp dv5 the other a dell studio 15 and they run well but i have no acceleration and can only watch html5 videos.

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