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Broadcom 4321 Fix


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HI all!


I have a Dell D620, with Intel graphics card and Intel. I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.8. I changed the wifi card to a Broadcom 4321 from a HP laptop. Theoretically work natively, but doesn't. After a lot of search, the solutions that i found was: changing or patching the IO80211Family.kext. I only found a post relative to HP laptops that changing the SMboardproduct key on smbios.plist to Mac-F22788A9 would be sufficient.


I changed the key, previously was Mac-F42C88C8, and after reboot the wifi card detected!!


A simple solution. I think that is valid for others laptops.


Sorry for my english, it's my little contribution. :)

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:rolleyes: Thanks, something to add to the list of useful info. For reference, what is the exact model labelled on the card? I'm myself bought a Broadcom card out of an HP laptop and it worked out of the box (it was a 4311 model).


There are a few posts on the forum related to the patched 80211 kext and a wiki page here re: rebranding of Broadcom cards:


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