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Wireless N card for D820


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Hi all,

I have D820 and I believe the standard wireless card has died. I have tried under Win xp & 7.

is it possible to buy a replacement card that is wireless N?

If so what model should I select?

Will the current aerial work or do I need to change that to?

Many thanks!

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Yes, absolutely. Basically, any card supported by Mac OS X 10.6 and/or above and of (full) mini PCI-e format will do (not half-mini format, they can't be locked in without adapter).


For instance, you can use a Broadcom 4321 or 4322 card to replace your duff one. No need to change anything as far as aerial cables are concerned. These are known supported models, as confirmed here -> http://www.osxlatitu...irport-extreme/


Some Atheros cards should work too (eg: AR9280).

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