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bluescreen in OS X Leopard in msi wind X86


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I've got an old install of Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7 in an old msi wind u100 netbook, in a triple boot environment next to windows xp sp3 and Ubuntu 12.04


Everything has been working well since a few days ago. I had ubuntu 11.10 installed (next to XP and Leopard), and I used the same partition to install ubuntu 12.04 (I didnt updated, I made a fresh new install). After that the GRUB seems to be OK (like always before) but when the system boots into Leopard (I dont need to log in manually, it was configured for autologin) I can only see a light blue screen ... in the screen of my netbook.


I dont know if there is something wrong with the VGA drivers, or perhaps GRUB2 has not "copied" the right monitor boot options to the new ubuntu 12.04 install or something like that, but it's a bit weird, and it's a problem I've never had before.




I'd like to think it's not something really serious, because everything seems OK until the end of the boot process, when the lght blue screen appears.



If anybody can point me in the right direction...


PD: I can "feel" leopard behind that bluescreen,(some buttons still work and I can hear some sounds) that's why I've also pointed to a VGA drivers related issue, but I still cant understand which is the relation between updating ubuntu and a malfunction in OS X graphic drivers.

PD2: Here is the part of my grub2 of mac os x 10.5.7 32bits (there's another for 64bits,but it's the same): Perhaps the problem is in this grub2 config:


menuentry "Mac OS X (32-bit) (on /dev/sda3)" --class osx --class darwin --class os {

insmod part_msdos

insmod hfsplus

set root='(hd0,msdos3)'

search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root 4a05c02442c0186f


set do_resume=0

if [ /var/vm/sleepimage -nt10 / ]; then

if xnu_resume /var/vm/sleepimage; then

set do_resume=1



if [ $do_resume = 0 ]; then

xnu_uuid 4a05c02442c0186f uuid

if [ -f /Extra/DSDT.aml ]; then

acpi -e /Extra/DSDT.aml


xnu_kernel /mach_kernel boot-uuid=${uuid} rd=*uuid

if [ /System/Library/Extensions.mkext -nt /System/Library/Extensions ]; then

xnu_mkext /System/Library/Extensions.mkext


xnu_kextdir /System/Library/Extensions


if [ -f /Extra/Extensions.mkext ]; then

xnu_mkext /Extra/Extensions.mkext


if [ -d /Extra/Extensions ]; then

xnu_kextdir /Extra/Extensions


if [ -f /Extra/devprop.bin ]; then

xnu_devprop_load /Extra/devprop.bin


if [ -f /Extra/splash.jpg ]; then

insmod jpeg

xnu_splash /Extra/splash.jpg


if [ -f /Extra/splash.png ]; then

insmod png

xnu_splash /Extra/splash.png


if [ -f /Extra/splash.tga ]; then

insmod tga

xnu_splash /Extra/splash.tga




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Can you drop a lspci overview + your /Extra folder so we can see what you got, also, what version of chameleon are you using ?


First of all, thanks for your time & help


I was not using chamaleon bootloader, after grub I see (now and before) darwing bootloader with both mac os x entries (32 & 64 bits) and a windows XP entry. This is a msi wind u100 spanish clone (ahtec lug) and I used windosx86 to install leopard 10.5.4 on it. After that I updated to 10.5.7 with no issues until I updated my ubuntu install.


But I've got good news for anybody with this same issue:


I solved the problem just copying the OS X related portion of my old grub in the new grub, that was all. After that, OS X booted without any issues.


It seems grub (and other booting tools) can't find the right route to the os x bootloader, and insted (at least in my case)it sended me to the splash page of my desktop (the os x session was "behind" that blue screen you see in my desktop screenshot).


So I replaced "menuentry "Mac OS X (32-bit) (on /dev/sda3)...etc etc..." with the fragment of my old grub install related to so x86 32bits, and now I can boot again in my 3 OSes. I've discovered that everytime ubuntu 12.04 updates its kernel (and after that grub2 updates itself) I have to repeat the whole process...any suggestions?




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