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Sleep on E6520 only working once


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first off thanks to you guys for making it so easy getting OS X to run on Latitudes. 10.8.2 runs like a charm on my E6520 with only minor quirks, and for me it's totally usable.


I do have one problem with sleep however. If i boot up OS X and put it to sleep, it works and wakes up again flawlessly. However, if I put it into sleep mode after that, it won't enter it. The system freezes, the screen goes dark, but the computer keeps running.


Has anyone solved a similar issue or could drop me a hint how where start looking for what's going wrong?


Edit: I'm using hibernatemode 3, suspend to disk. Mode 1 does not work at all.

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After 1st boot, could you try the following?

1) from a Terminal window, type the 'pmset -g' command (or 'sudo pmset -g') to get the Power Management settings

2) put your laptop to sleep, then wake it

3) redo a 'pmset -g' again to compare

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It's exactly the same both times:


Active Profiles:
Battery Power		-1*
AC Power		-1
Currently in use:
standbydelay         4200
powerbutton          1
standby              0
halfdim              1
hibernatefile        /var/vm/sleepimage
disksleep            10
sleep                0
hibernatemode        0
ttyskeepawake        1
displaysleep         15
lidwake              1

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