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SuperDuper Sandbox


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SuperDuper has a feature (Sandbox) that creates a copy of your system on another partition (or drive) where you can boot from to test risky config. If something goes wrong you just have to boot back to your original partition since that one hasn't been altered by your tests.


While this works well from my genuine Macbook, it does not from my D830. I understand it is probably related to Chameleon and was wondering if anyone found a work around this? In other words, I would like the SuperDuper Sandbox partition to be bootable under Chameleon.



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you can try CCC but i think superduper works. usually yeah you just clone your existing partition. but i do not believe superduper allows a loaded partition to be copied. now if it was offline then it would. but i think ccc does not care if the os partition is running. but i could be wrong i have not messed with clones in months and im going from memory.... memory is a fickle thing... lol. hope my nonsense makes sense.

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