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D630 panic before installer


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First off thank you for all your hard work. I usually don't post to forums because I search and search for my answer. But this time is different unfortunately.


I have a d630 with x3100.


I have used myhack and SL 10.6


When it comes to the install i get a message that the /dev directory can't be found from what i can tell.


I have updated bios from a13 to a17 with all the settings mentioned on a pinned post

swapped Hard drives in computer

installed again on a different usb pen

swapped out mem from another laptop


If you have any ideas please let me know. Hopefully its easy. lol thanks in advance


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Did you do the 'Create Extra' step in myHack and with the correct bootpack (there are 2 different D630 X3100 boot packs depending on LCD resolution)?



Yes I downloaded 1280x800, and installed the extra with myhack.


Should there be any files in /dev folder?

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