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TIP: How to use an Apple Magic Trackpad on a PC


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The Magic Trackpad is an awesome accessory for your Mac desktop. It is so awesome that some companies have made their own PC versions of it. But what if you want to use the official Apple trackpad with a PC desktop/laptop? There is a solution!

Before we begin:
Make sure you have integrated Bluetooth/a Bluetooth 2.1 dongle in your PC. If not, you will not be able to pair your trackpad with the PC.

Step 1. Download drivers from http://www.support.apple.com/downloads and download the Magic Trackpad software. DO NOT attempt to open the exe.
Step 2. Download 7-zip from http://www.7-zip.org/ so you can extract the exe file.
Step 3. Install 7-zip.
Step 4. Extract the exe you downloaded from Apple with 7-zip.
Step 5. There should be a new file could BootCampUpdate32.msp or BootCampUpdate64.msp. Go ahead and extract our new file.
Step 6. Open the newly extracted folder BootCampUpdate32/BootCampUpdate64
Step 7. Open the eighth folder with the phrase BootCamp3135 at the end.
Step 8. Search for the file Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin.
Step 9. Rename this file to Binary.AppleWirelessTrackpad_Bin.exe.
Step 10. Run the file and continue to install.
Step 11. Go to Control PanelStep 12. Power on the Trackpad.
Step 13. Look for "Bluetooth Mouse" or "Apple Wireless Trackpad" in the Bluetooth window.
Step 14. Let the device install.
Step 15. Trackpad works!

There are limitations with using the trackpad on a PC.

Gestures that work:
2 finger scrolling
2 finger tap to rightclick
Tap to click
Click buttons

Gestures that DON'T work:
3 fingers to go back/forward
4 finger swipe up/down/left/right

I hope this tutorial worked, enjoy your trackpads!

Source: http://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26906

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