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macOS Sequoia unveiled


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WWDC Keynote, June 10th, 2024.

Apple unveiled macOS 15 Sequoia.

As usual, 1st beta version was immediately made available to developers and 1st public beta will be available in July with a final release in the fall.




Very little in terms of (exciting) new features in Craig's presentation, apart from iPhone mirroring.





Surprisingly, Sequoia only drops support for 2018/2019 8th gen. Amber Lake MacBookAir8,1/8,2 thereby raising the minimum MacBook Air platform to final 2020 Ice Lake-based MBA9,1. The rest of the supported platforms remain identical to Sonoma so we can kind of thank Apple for the reprieve. Who knows whether Apple will chop it all next year or retain only 10th gen. Comet Lake/Ice Lake models next year in Sequoia's successor?


KBL graphics drivers remain provided so that'll be good news to all owners of Skylake laptops who should all be able to run Sequoia with full acceleration through the SKL graphics patch required since Ventura.


Minimum platform requirements are therefore:

  • iMac19,x (8th gen. Coffee Lake)
  • iMacPro1,1 (Skylake Xeon)
  • MacBookAir9,1 (10th gen. Ice Lake)
  • MacBookPro15,x (8th gen. Coffee Lake)
  • Macmini8,1 (8th gen Coffee Lake)
  • MacPro7,1 (Cacade Lake)

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