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macOS Sequoia 15.0 beta 1: early feedback and findings

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List of dropped platforms only extends to Intel 8th gen. Amber Lake MacBookAir8,1 this year, all other platforms officially supported by Sonoma remaining supported in Sequoia.


Good news for Skylake platforms: since KBL graphics drivers are retained, SKL graphics remain supported through the same patches used for Ventura and Sonoma. On the wireless front, OCLP patcher will need to be updated for Sequoia so that legacy Broadcom cards are supported again.


Other than that, nothing much to report after just a brief spell with Sequoia 1st beta other than it feels a little more responsive than Sonoma and there are odd bugs (for example, an empty white window that may pop up at startup and cannot be closed or occasional mouse selection trailings).


Installation on my Skylake Latitude E7270 was very straightforward and totally painless: from Sonoma, I updated Clover to r5159 (revised to boot Sequoia), changed my Clover config's SMBIOS to MBP15,2 (necessary), disabled the BlockSkywalk kernel & kext patch (necessary) and added boot arg -lilubetaall (also necessary). I then rebooted Sonoma, downloaded the Sequoia beta installation package and launched the installation targeting a dedicated Sequoia volume (previously created in Disk Utility). That was it, after a couple of reboots, I was offered the Sequoia setup screens and was presented with the Sequoia desktop.





  • graphics acceleration with same KBL settings as in Ventura/Sonoma
  • brightness control
  • HDMI output
  • mini-DP output
  • touchscreen
  • touchpad (after replacing VoodooPS2Controller's PlugIn "VoodooInput" by 1Revenger1's version v1.1.5 due to changes in Sequoia as explained here1Revenger1_VoodooInput_v1.1.5.zip
  • audio (incl. DP/HDMI audio)
  • LAN
  • Apple (Broadcom) BCM94360CS2 Bluetooth
  • USB ports
  • SD card reader
  • full CPU power management
  • sleep & wake (having disabled hibernation)

Not working:

  • Apple (Broadcom) BCM94360CS2 wireless, as per Sonoma. We'll have to wait for the OCLP patcher to be updated for Sequoia. Meantime, it's important not to boot with the BlockSkywalk kernel & kext patch and/or with AMFI prevention or Sequoia will KP/fail to boot.















Things looking different in System Information->Software->Extensions: injected kexts are listed and everything is listed as loaded.




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