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How to change one kext using EDP?

Rusty T

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First off I want to thank everyone at OSXLATITUDE for ther work! I have successfully installed Lion on my D630.

I would like to change my trackpad kext but I am afraid of messing up my install because I'm not sure how to rerun the EDP and only install one kext.


Should I remove the old kext first?

Do I install everything again with a different option for trackpad?

Do I run Myfix after?


If someone could explain the correct procedure that would be great.


Thanks again.


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I am also wondering about this. I ran edptool just to change the trackpad since the predefined work fine for me. But when I run edptool I have to make choices to a lot of other stuff and I must have chosen badly. I can boot, but 5-10 seconds after login I get a kernel panic. I have tried to boot with the install usb and ran myfix. It did not help so I am now reinstalling again.


I would like to set the mouse to voodoops2 (don't know if I should choose alps or synaptics) but I don't know how.

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