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Run onenote on mac.. sorta..


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This is a tutorial on how to continue using Onenote on your desktop even on your mac platform by converting the web app into a handy desktop application using a program called Fluid. Thats right, no need to install multiple Operating Systems just create a handy link on your desktop.

Note however that the Onenote web app will only work when connected to the internet. This is fine if your computer is usually hooked up and keep in mind that cloud computing is most likely the way we are heading.

Also note that the web app is very new and still under development. Do not expect this to have all the features of the full, paid version of Onenote.




  1. Sign up to create a Windows Live ID and you will be directed to the SkyDrive page, or if you already have one (if your a user of Hotmail or Messenger), sign in and you will find yourself at the ninemsn start page. For some reason there is no direct link from here to your SkyDrive (the cloud where you can access these web apps) so you will have to:
    >>Click on the Hotmail or Messenger links on the bar at the top of the page.
    Then you will see you are in Windows Live and you can click the link in the toolbar which says SkyDrive. Maybe bookmark this. If you can't find it just click here.
    View and organise your documents in the cloud. On top of the file browser you will see the word 'Create:' then the Microsoft suit icons. These are the links to the web apps so click the Onenote icon (the purple one on the far right) and try it out.
    Now for the mac bit; download Fluid from its website. For this purpose you could download the free version although for just $4.99 it has some great features.
    After the download and installation, run it and a window will come up. This will activate a process to turn the apps website into a desktop application. Now you have an option. For the url box either add the url of the Files - SkyDrive page so you can access your files and all the apps easily or put in the url of the tor app while inside your notebook.
    magnify-clip.png Mac-style icon
    The other boxes are self-explanatory, but for the icon, if you leave it it will become the SkyDrive cloud icon so save any of these to your computer and in the drop-down choose 'Other...' and navigate to where you saved it.
    Click create, wait for the magic to work and you have yourself your very own Mac Onenote app. Now all to do is to is sync your old data to SkyDrive and to start using it!

Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Run-Onenote-on-Your-Mac-Desktop-Using-Fluid

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