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Update OSX before installing EDP or the reverse


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1) you install retail SL 10.6.3 through myHack+bootpack USB installer

2) you download & install EDP and run it to install your model specific kexts. You may reboot at that stage.

3) you download and run the 10.6.8 Combo update (you do not update via Apple menu Software update) and you do not reboot on completion

4) you re-run EDP to re-install your model-specific kexts

5) then you can safely reboot into SL 10.6.8

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Thanks for the clear instruction :D


I got my system working 95% but I still got some issues that I can't explain why.


1. Sleep works, but POST will be much slower after I reboot the system.

2. The wifi switch doesn't really work. I can turn the wifi off but I can't turn it on afterwords.

3. The display mirroring does not work as well. If I try to do that I got a garbled screen on both my monitor and the original display as well. Dual display works though.

4. The pointing stick and the front clickpad don't work. Any idea on how to get them working?

5. Is there a better touchpad driver for my D630? Double finger scrolling does not work.


Other than those small issues mentioned, everything is well. Thanks guys!!

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