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EDP final on inspiron 640M


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Hi I used your EDP to install from scratch on my dell 640m.


what I did changed some kexts in d4 folder and replaced them with my config also ps2 folder with mine.



Anyway installed update first 10.6.5 the only problem if my dell does not have integreated frame buffer from leo I get a white screen on boot up...


Every thing else was working


I then put my frambuffer in d 4 folder where i put my kext for ethernet etc rebuild package again from beginning and then updated to 10.6.6



Unfortunately the framebuffer does not load so white screen again but this time I lost trackpad and sound


Sleep works with trick of password, mirror displays as well, card reader too but I think only sd card not sdh


If I could make framebuffer to load would be another model you could had to your list similar to mine is 9400 E1405 which is the same




Cannot upload my kernel log not permitted


I reinstalled my package again and got my trackpad and sound working again :)


Here are some photos of my devices and kexts




post-568-046645800 1298216286.jpg



Ps I had to remove voodoo sdhc kext otherwise laptop does not wake from sleep

post-568-049370000 1298216240.jpg

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