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Acer Aspire One 746


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Hi Guys,


I'm working on an install of mountain lion on a Acer 

Aspire One 756 - intel celeron 1400, 11.6 display (1366x768). 

I used MyHack & an App Store purchased 10.8.2 dmg. 


As ususal there are issues:

1. HD2000 graphics is not working - 1024x768 only

2. Elan trackpad is not working - blocked by voodooPS3 kext

3. Sleep is white screeen, but it wakes up OK

4. No wifi - choices Atheros R9425, Broadcom BCM4314, 

or usb Realtek 8187L - no kext for any/all?


I'd like a tool like EDP to:

1. Read my install configuration

2. Allow me to choose what issue to work on

3. Look up kext choices on web database & offer choices

4. Do the dirty work of replacing old kext & put in new one

5. Package up the final DSDT for sharing/archiving


Is this possible? sure. 

With the current EDP? no?


It would save a lot of googling & headaches.

Tell me what's missing, pls.



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try a newer chameleon version and see if hd2000 works for you

there is a thread on the forum foe elan trackpad add it to E/E and run a myfix from myHack app

white screen issue is probably because of your graphics not supported at the moment

as for wifi i guess google them for osx compatibility. 

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