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SOLVED - 10.7.4 update - Chameleon stuck


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Just upgraded to 10.7.4. On a reboot I am getting stuck prior to reading the DSDT file (screen shot attached). Any ideas. Booting from the USB stick and selecting the hard drive gets me in without issues. 


I have added the AppleACPIPlatform.kext as described in this forum and still no go.


Thank you.


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You have the NVRam module + Cham boot file mismatch issue...


Either remove FileNVRAM.dylib from /Extra/modules or replace/update your Chameleon boot file at HDD root by version 2170 or above. Best would be to redo a system build through EDPWeb.


PS: don't use Chameleon boot file rev2181 on a D620, it will cause the system to KP...

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