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[WWAN] - Dell DW 5540 and 5550 driver for Windows


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While we offcourse run a OSX site here - one have to test Windows 8 also :)

In this case i am running Windows 8 on my Dell Latitude e6230 wich comes with a DW5550 mobile broadband card.

However, none of dells standard drivers wanted to install - classic :(

So, i extracted the drivers and did a manual install.

I have attached the drivers here... The installation is very basic, just go into Device manager, select the DW5550 card, update the driver and select the one from the package below.


Drivers for DW5550.rar

Dell WWAN 5540.rar

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Sorry for bumping an old thread but I have a DW5550 card from an old Latitude that I've installed into my new E7440 machine running Win 8.1


The drivers/installer on the DELL site won't run, complaingin that this card isn't supported on this machine, but using the drivers in the first post I was able to get the card installed through Device Manager (thanks for that :))


The problem after that is the DELL Mobile Broadband Manager then says that "the mobile broadband device is not found" despite showing correctly in Device Manager.


To solve this, I followed the instructions posted here:



... and then reinstalled the DELL drivers which passed the authorization check this time. Now working perfectly  :)

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