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E6400 everything working Good with Lion


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Finally, my E6400 is working good with Lion thanks to the following fixes:

1) Problem when entering password on App Store fixed with:

Please search for:“An Unknown Error Has Occurred †App Store Login Problem Solution Hackintosh


2) Fixed boot up problem with Audio due to 2 audio devices (regular and HDMI). Before that I was only able to boot on Safe mode and had no audio. Fixed using VoodooHDA-v2.8.2.x32.x64.SL.Lion.zip
Can I now upgrade to Mountain Lion?
Can I do it from Lion?
Or do I have to create a USB with Mountain Lion similar as the one done with Lion?
Is it worth it? Will it work OK on a Dell Latitude E6400?
I only have 2 GB of memory now but I am getting 8 GB today.
Thanks for any information you can provide. 


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There are a couple of guides for installing Mountain Lion of the E6400/6500 in the forums, and there is no reason you can not install on yours. Keep in mind however, that the experience varies with the different GPU's. The nVidia allows for full QE/CI, whereas the Intel GMA4500 limits your graphics experience.

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