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Brightness issue on D430 GMA950 with ML


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Thank you very much for your guide re: installing ML on D430 GMA950!


I have done it and everything work on my d430 but I have still a little problem with brightness...


Screen remain very dark when QE/CI start...I tried to apply brightness patch of EDP but it is always the same.


I tried to put brightness to the max in bios and in display properties in osx but no joy...


Do you have the same problem?


Could you help me?



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Yes, there was a bug in EDP where the kext that fixes the issue was not always copied to /E/E. That should be fixed now so please re-run EDP and apply the brightness fix again.


Should it still fail, you can do it manually by copying the kext found in /Extra/Storage/fixes/gma950-brightness-fix to your /E/E folder, run myFix (full) and reboot.

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