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D630 X3100 touchpad and audio issue


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thanks for this guide- extremely helpful. My sigmate 92XX HD Audio isn't working and my touch pad only seems to work vertical and horizontally and not on angles etc. The EDP profile for my model also made the computer not boot. Restoring the Extra folder used at original install worked though. I've tried a few other d630 profiles in EDP with no success. I have the intel d630 1280x800. thanks for any help

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Hi, actually GM965 is the Intel chipset and it includes GMA X3100 "Crestline"graphics chip.


Re: audio and trackpad issue, I suggest you do a new System build in EDP; I don't think you can change the audio kext but select Voodoo PS2 controller. That should fix your issues. Make sure to select the right D630 model/profile, i.e. the Intel graphics one with 1280x800 LCD resolution.


If you still have audio issues, have a look at the VoodooHDA kext packs provided in /Extra/Storage/kextpacks. Try the kexts provided in pack #3: delete your existing audio kext from /Extra/Extensions and copy those from VoodooHDA3 to /E/E. Then re-run myFix (full) from myHack app.


As always, make sure that your BIOS is configured as per recommended settings.

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