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Set up Facebook chat in OS X Messages

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Original post: Macworld


You can set up Facebook chat in Messages. Since Facebook uses Jabber, all you need to know is your user name, and you can create an account. 


Open Messages' preferences, and click on Accounts. Click on the + icon to create a new account. For Account Type, choose Jabber. For your account hem, you'll need to find your Facebook user name; this is the text after http://www.facebook.com/. The account name for the Jabber account should therefore be [email protected] Enter your Facebook password in the Password field, and click on Done. 


Messages should log into the account, and you should see a message saying: 


You are now Online to Chat | You are now Online to Chat. Please note that this also marks you as Online on facebook.com. 


You can check Facebook to confirm this; you should see that you are online for chat when you visit Facebook. 


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