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OSX and fan control


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As some of you might no (or some strange (laziness i guess) reason does not reflect in my signature) am the proud owner of a Samsung np900x3c laptop - and while having owned several macbook air i have to admit that this is properly one of the nicest machines i have ever used - not only is it thinner than a MBA the screen is also a amazing - with a light strength of 400nit its the perfect laptop to use outside.
This machine is also the first laptop i have used with 2x fans.. thats right.. 2x fans dosent mean that it makes more noise - what it instead does is that both fans run at a lower level meaning the machine is virtually soundless.. LOVE IT.

Anyway, back from the sidetrack.

I run 10.8.2 for different reasons but i have noticed a strange behaviour on - when i'm connected to a power source and the machine is running idle it only powers up on fan.. ok.. i can live with that - but it does that for about 1-2 secs.. the power it down again for secs.. and up....down..up..down.. and so forth... WTF??! - result is some uuuiiiii...uiiiii...uuuuiiii sound.. extremely annoying .. 


So.. off to the question of figuring out howto handle this and my question to you us - have you had a similar issue.. how do you control the fan under mountain lion ?



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