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I'm running latest OS X 10.9.2 on my Inspiron 7520 upgraded to 16GB RAM. It's running great and smooth using the HD4000.


Custom kexts: ACPIBatteryManager, ApplePS2ElanTouchpad, FakeSMC, GenericUSBXHCI, VoodooHDA

I use Clover for DSDT Patching, see config.plist.zip, installation works without problems when booting from Clover, injecting the kexts mentioned above.

I use VoodooHDA, but I think AppleHDA should work as well with proper patching. I had no time to do it, so if somebody has some free time, the required codec file is here: codec0.zip



Power consumption: I achieve about 2 hours. You may want to check HWMonitor, during idle it should show a pacakge total power consumption of lower than 5W, if it's higher your CPU power management is not working properly. Another problem is that the discrete ATI GPU is powered on even if unused. If you're good at DSDT patching, you can call the acpi method "\_SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP._OFF" to turn discrete GPU off, i'm not aware of a osx side software method to do so. (If anybody knows better, please correct me!)

WiFi card: A friend of mine has a Inspiron 7520 with Dell Wireless 1550 inside. I think that it should be possible to use it, as the chip is similar to the original MacBook one (I'm going to check that next week)

Sleep: Works great for me (suspend is a little bit slow, but wakeup is fast as hell), maybe you miss some DSDT fix?

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My setup of Dell Inspiron 7520 with Dell Wireless 1550 on OS X 10.10 DP2: 

  • Latest Clover
  • config.plist and DSDT: Yoseminspire.zip
  • Kernel extensions in $ESP/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10:
    • ACPIBatteryManger
    • ApplePS2ElanTouchpad
    • BTFirmwareUploader
    • FakeSMC
    • GenericUSBXHCI
  • Kernel extensions in /S/L/E:
    • VoodooHDA
    • remove AppleHDA


System works flawlessly, Wifi and Bluetooth buggy when using Airdrop - well it's a DP ;)

As always: discrete GPU disabled

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@LoopBack: will test your DSDT and Config.plist, more to the momente my Yosemite is recognizing HDMI as DVI :? and thus does not apply as the HDMI Audio (HDMI only works applying Patch, it presents problem) using AppleHDA cx20590 that works with Patch the RehabMan depending on Kext you must use the Layout-id # 3.


AppleHDA does not work: Internal Microphone, Mute On / Off.


I will test your DSDT and Config.plist to see if it will work now, so testing will post the result.


Sorry my english.

Thank you.



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