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inspiron 7520 - 15R SE

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Its possible, but I doubt about ATI GPU a little(mostly it can made to work). Doesn't this has intel GPU HD4000 since most notebooks comes with dual GPU these days? Do you have option for GPU switching in bios?

The ATI is only used when i play games.. so i guess its automatic. idk.But i'm not worried about it. So is it possible?

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If its dual gpu notebook with both HD4000 and ATI GPU switching then its possible, but ATI GPU won't work in Mac since these kind of dual GPU solutions won't work becoz of no drivers. However, HD4000 is more than enough for Mac so try to follow myhack method for installation and also make sure you use PCIRootUID=0/1 and GraphicsEnabler to No when booting into installer.

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Also trying to install ML on my Dell Inspiron 15R SE (core i5 3230m, 6gb RAM, 750Gb HDD, with ATI 7730M). I made a myHack USB installer using 10.8.4 and added Install bootpack for the Inspiron 7720, as this almost is the same laptop having a 17 inch screen, however the bootpack is for a i7 CPU.


The installer freezes with the message (also seen on this forum):


IOAPIC:version 0X20 vector 64:87


What can be the cause of this?

I tried boot options like PCIRootUID=0/1 and GraphicsEnabler=No didn't help.

Should I use 10.8.0 as a base (how do I get it, having 10.8.4 installed on my iMac).

Can the i5 b the problem having a bootpack for the i7 (7720)?


Any help is appreciated....






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i have the same laptop only i upgraded mine,


16GB ram

128GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD

removed cd rome and placed the 1TB hard disk there.

using an external wifi card.


I'm running os x 10.9 for the past month or so.


using mainly Graphic Applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and some video editing (Premiere,After Effect) and Appeture.


its running smoothly on the HD4000 though i would really like to get the ATI to work, the system recognises it but i can't really use it.


it has 2GB DDR5 which will benefit me a lot when i run complex stuff.


any one has a solution? i don't care about battery life since when ever i use it I'm connected to an outlet and if i would realy

want good power consumption i would just dual boot to win 8.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank You!

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just followed some of the normal steps i could find on the internet.


there is a good youtube video about installing on the 7520.


just search online and on some of the normal forums, the computer runs great.


the only problems i have are:


1. Power Consumption (90 min on battery)

2. ATi 7730 won't work

3. Integrated Wifi card won't work (thinking of replacing it with a different internal card)

4, Sleep won't work


Can any one lend a hand?

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