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  1. Thank Crew. Right gave his code, is coming out in my HDMI audio but it does not restrain internal control volume, only on TV. My device uses Conexant 20672, but does not work all too well: Internal microphone does not work. Volume scroll bar does not work in sync with the keyboard. More has helped me a lot. Thanks.
  2. I'm out of my notebook this week, more so test this code put the result. Thanks for your help.
  3. Good night guys. I have a problem in Yosemite 10.10.2 in my HDMI output, when I connect the Win 8.1 or the Mavericks who had before that instação displayed HDMI on TV now only displays as DVI, HDMI before the audio did not work because I was using VoodooHDA more now that I could configure my AppleHDA for Conexant 20672 SmartAudio HD'm having this problem with HDMI and can not even test if my external audio is working: Detail that before did not apply at Clover Patch for my HDMI work, just installed the AppleIntelFramebufferCapri that comes in the latest Vietnam Tool and it worked using th
  4. Test your DSDT and Config.plist and my HDMI keeps giving problem. U had to do something to make your HDMI work? Thank you.
  5. @LoopBack: will test your DSDT and Config.plist, more to the momente my Yosemite is recognizing HDMI as DVI and thus does not apply as the HDMI Audio (HDMI only works applying Patch, it presents problem) using AppleHDA cx20590 that works with Patch the RehabMan depending on Kext you must use the Layout-id # 3. AppleHDA does not work: Internal Microphone, Mute On / Off. I will test your DSDT and Config.plist to see if it will work now, so testing will post the result. Sorry my english. Thank you.
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