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More Storage space for D8xx and D6xx only US $13.95 shipped......


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I got one of these for my daughters D830 and it looks  just like the DVD drive on the outside and even has the same release handle setup.  Its a stealthy replacement that can add what ever spare or new 2.5 Inch laptop SATA drive you want to put in your D series lappy.  I put a spare 250G in it and am moving everything off of the 500G from the second partition to the new drive.  Then I will grow the 500G to its full size.  Ebay rules for finding cool deals.  It is NEW and $13.95 US shipped from New York.


All you do is put a HD in the tray, install the screws to secure it and swap it out for the DVD drive. 


BAM, Done!    :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r: :ph34r:  







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where do you get the space to put that stuff in your lappy? is it all compatible? and by the way, do not use ebay. buy it from the dealer because you might get a used part for all you know

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As he is saying, he removes the DVD drive and puts this bracket inside.


Ebay isn't as bad as you say.. Just search for the right seller. And if you have this as used part, it won't be a problem..

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