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Broadcom BCM4352 802.11 ac wifi and bluetooth combo card


BCM4352 combo card  

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Hello Everyone,


I am in a bit of a mess here, I just received my shipment for the BCM4352 (Aigale) WiFi card today, and after installing it in my Toshiba Laptop (A665 - Replacing the default BCM4313 card), it gets recognized in both Windows 7 and Mavericks, but it seems to be in the off state ! Both Mavericks and Windows OS prompt me to turn on the WiFi, but unfortunately the Function key Combination does not work on either OS (my laptop does not have a manual on/off switch for WiFi, the combination works with the default BCM4313 card). I am stumped as to what I can do, Somebody please help me out here !



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Thank You for your reply, but my bios has no wifi options of any kind. The pin method I will definitely look into. In the mean while for any one who may want to help me, here is some additonal information : I have made the DSDT edit as instructed in the post, also installed the patched Kext. My DSDT, Ioreg, Wifi Status (picture) and some boot error (associated with WiFi) attached.


Please Help




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From what I could gather about the pin mod method, it is for people who can not even boot their computer due to hardware (WiFi incompatibility), In my case the system boots up fine, the card even shows under Windows and Mavericks, I am just unable to change the state from Off to On. My laptop has a secondary PCIe mini slot (I believe for WWAN), have tried that as-well, same result, it just wont turn on.


Somebody please help me out, I don't want to see $130 go to waste.



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Got my combo card this morning in the mail! Ordered from EmbeddedWorks.net for $35, with shipping + UPS brokerage crud it came to around $70.


Wifi + BT work OOB in Windows. On Mavericks wifi is working (install method #2) but bluetooth is nowhere to be found. I've tried adding the info to the broadcom bluetooth kext & using BTFirmwareUploader but it's not working. In IOREG I can see it under AppleUSBEHCI/[email protected] & product & vendor ID are correct.


I thought maybe my BT was screwed up under this install so I tried on another & same issue arises. I'm not sure if this is relevant but System Report shows no pci cards installed. I've tried using different sysdefs & tried booting without my dsdt/ssdt (autopatching via clover) but nothing is working. Oh & I did try shutting down completely as well.


Anyone have any ideas? I'm going to try a reinstall but failing that I'm not sure what to do.



4AM EDIT: I tried Toledas bcm4352.kext with the toledaArpt.kext & wifi & BT are working!


It is indeed cheaper to buy from Embedded Works, they updated the links.


Just for future reference, it is http://www.embeddedworks.net/wlan507.html

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