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Dell Precision M6300


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I will try it this weekend on a M6300.


Do you have a working dsdt.aml for your model? I too have an m6300. But I haven't been able to run anything beyond 10.6.8.

For some reason myHack fails (and so does tony mac) in installing both Lion and ML. It doesn't matter what kernel flags and boot options I throw at it, the installer hangs prior to loading any extension at the ACPI [s1 s2 s3 s4] message.


Although technically I did manage to install lion on a second partition via vmware. That is patching vmware using the unlocker v1.1.0 to make it recognize HFS and then installing Lion on another mac partition through vmware. But i have deleted that partition because the install came out buggy as hell. It would run lion for 5 mins then KP.


Another thing that's driving me nuts is that even in ubuntu the graphics card fan does not kick in at all. Even if running the i8kfan for linux. I'm close to either selling this laptop and getting something else or *gulp* run windows 7. The dsdt editing is another story. I haven't even found a line related to the secondary fan. There's a block of code related to CPU fan, but not the graphics card fan. And the graphics card bus is technically PCIE, not AGP. But there's nothing in the PCIE block relating to the graphics card. I've looked at the DSDT of similar models like the HP 8710w, but holly shit those dsdt are a total mess. :)


No amount of DSDT patching has helped so far. In fact I'm running a DSDT off the osxlatitude pack based on the M4300 because no DSDT I have edited even runs on this thing. It really is a total stubborn mule of a laptop.



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Might i suggest that you sponsor a clean dsdt/ssdt patching for your model ?




I'll think about that. But really, I was hoping for someone else with the same problem. I did manage to tailor the video section to my graphics card, and even used an extracted rom to my specific video card (fx3600m). It seems to load fine through chameleon. Is it doing anything? I really don't know. I can boot either way with or without GraphicsEnabler with the vanilla nvidia kexts and profiler properly identifies the card as fx3600m. As far as the fan goes, I'm setting them manually in the bios prior to loading the OS.


I'll keep this thread alive as I keep finding more about this model

thanks for the suggestion

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Ok thanks Leon.


I'm attaching both the ubuntu and aida64 dsdt dumps (untouched). Along with my hybrid m4300/fx3600m dsdt hack (stable). And my patched dsdts, which have yielded an unstable hackintosh.

I used the patches for ICH8 notebook that came with DSDT editor. Maybe someone can point to mistakes in it.

I'm including the nvidia fx3600m rom as well.


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