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D630 nVidia reboots with "Allocate Kernel Memory Error".


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I have an issue with my D630 nVidia. I can no longer boot my installed disk, nor any USB installer key (10.8.4 & MyHack).

System goes all the way to load drivers (-v boot option, long lines with the full path of the read files) and just when it should start the kernel (when the screen turns black), it just either freezes, or in 98% of the cases, it reboots.

Last message on screen when frozen / before it reboots is"Allocate kernel memory error" "This is a non recoverable error! System HALTED!!!".


I suspected my RAM to be bad, so I ran memtest for 12 hours +, going over 3 full passes with no error.

I re-flashed the latest bios (A18), in case.

I can run Dell diagnostics no error.


I also suspected I was generating invalid USB install keys with MyHack, but the same key that does not work on this system does boot fine my D630 Intel up to the Installer Screen. Key's good. Tries MyHack versions 3.1.2 and 3.2 beta 8. Not better.


I can boot a Linux Live CD (Mint 13 x64) and use the system, I don't see issues with it.


Please let me know if you have any idea about what to test & investigate.




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Thank you.


First thing I disabled themes, but still had issues.


I now arrive at the conclusion I am having issues with the D630 nVidia ML boot packs, the current ones.


I found the one I used in AUG 2012 (well, my download date is AUG 2012) size 5.5MB, and magically, I can get a bootable USB stick using myHack, then recovered my main 10.8.4 installation using myHack / install Extras of that "old" boot pack. Now I can boot from my main disk.


But I do confirm tha latest bootpack (as of 2013.07, size 4.8MB) does NOT work on my system and has all the symptoms described above.

I also confirm it show the same symptoms if I try to install 10.9DP1 (that is: I never boot the USB stick, system reboots when starting the kernel). I wish I get a working bootpack for 10.9 :-D But one thing at a time...


I am really interested in getting to the bottom of this. Can some one guide me in which files I should compare on the 2 boot packs (the ML ones)? Do you want me to post my old version? 


Let me know,




PS: I have now installed the latest EDP & generated a new config for my machine (D630 nVidia) and it works fine. Great! Still, I am testing USB Boot Disks with the latest bootpacks and it does not work...

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