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[D830] Graphics Drivers Screw Up


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I recently installed Hackintosh on my D830 laptop, dual-booting with Windows 7.


I must have screwed up somewhere, because when I booted up my Macintosh installation it had no display.

It displayed until the loading screen (the apple) disappeared. It played the welcome song, however there was no visual display.


It could've been the fact I didn't select a VGA, because I wasn't sure if my laptop's built-in screen already had it's drivers installed.


I used iFail 10.6.3 installation, and my computer has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Intel GM965 Video Card.

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It's the fact that you're using a distro (iFail) without a specific DSDT for your D830. Boot it with video output on an external screen (press Fn-F8 right at the very beginning) and I bet that display would revert to built-in LCD at switch to desktop.


You should use our bootpack and proceed with a Vanilla Mac OS X installation with myHack, then follow with EDP tuning, i.e. the OSXL procedure. Look up for the documentation in our EDP pages on the web site.


Please note that GM965 is the chipset that all D830 have. By default, this chipset includes GMA X3100 graphics which, I assume, is your case. Some D830 have discrete add-on nVidia graphics (NVS 135M/NVS 140M) instead, which are much better. When you use our bootpack, make sure to pick up the one with correct graphics chip + screen resolution that matches your LCD (the DSDT slightly differs) in the case of X3100 graphics.

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