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Fujitsu AH552/SL


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Recently i came across this notebook at a bargain of a price so i decided to move on from the old Dell D830 to the Fujitsu AH552/SL.

For starters it seems to have all the necesary stuff to be "hackintoshed".


System specs are:

Intel Core i3 3110 Ivy bridge -> Fully Supported (Native speedstep etc.)

Intel HD4000 -> Fully Supported (w 512Mb of ram)

Intel HM76 Chipset -> Fully Supported (Usb 3.0, sata 3 etc.)

Realtek ALC269 audio -> Partially Supported (Output is ok, Input is recognised but both onboard mic and external seem to have very low input signal or no signal at all)

Intel Centrino Wireless -> NOT Supported, needs to be replaced with a compatible half card.

Bluetooth -> Fully Supported but since its on the Centrino Wifi card it will be lost upon replacement unless you put a combo wifi + BT card.

ALPS Touchpad -> Working but recognised as a mouse (no gestures apart from "tap to click")


Installation went smooth an system was up and running mountain lion 10.8.4 shorty after but i had some trouble creating the myHack installer so i need to sort that out and let you guys know about the full procedure.


Overall i'm very happy with it right now

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Tried mavericks gold master today on my Fujitsu ah552 and everything went smooth but my keyboard and touchpad are not working for some reason and so i cannot log on to mavericks desktop. Tried usb keyboard but it doesn't work either.



Everything now works as intended apart from the audio

It's an ALC269 chip and although i use the same kexts i used on ML it doesn't seem to work.

It's recognised in system report but it is inaccessible in system preferences.

I'm using patched appleHDA and DSDT.

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Hi i have Fujitsu ah532 , and looks like it has same hardware as yours , I have got audio working with patched applehda and dsdt edit, alps works as mouse and keyboard works, ethernet works, bluetooth works, hd 4000 works. Can you help me to get sleep , brightness control etc. And I'm using an usb wifi adapter and it works great. I have added only the edits for alc269 in the dsdt, other than that it is untouched.

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Great news for the fujitsu AH552/SL.

I upgraded from the i3 3110m to an i7 3632QM (direct swap), also from 4gb to 16gb ram (8+8).

Added a custom ssdt for the i7 and throttling works as intended up to a turboboost of 3.2Ghz 8-) :cool: 8-)


Geekbench 2.2.7 64bit scored 11159 points (previous score was 6039)

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