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  1. guys any update? i have the same laptop (core i3, 1366x768) but trying to install HS gives me all the above kernel panics. Tried everything posted here. Anyone made it?
  2. [FREE] (due to capital controls in Greece, sorry) Hello, i've sent you my files (DSDT dump, Acpi dump, IOReg file) for my Fujitsu AH552/SL. Cpu: Intel Core i7 3632QM (Fully supported with Turbo Boost up to 3.2Ghz using SSDT which i include) Intel HD4000 Graphics 1366x768 (Fully supported with config.plist injection) ALC 269 audio (Fully supported with patched AppleHDA kext + DSDT edits) Realtek 8111 Ethernet (Fully supported) Atheros AR5B195 Wifi+BT combo card (Fully supported using appropriate kext for BT) ALPS touchpad (Works as mouse using VoodooPS2 kext but i don't mind) onboard FJ
  3. hey guys i've got an issue. Got a Fujitsu AH552/SL and running yosemite 10.10.3 on it using a DSDT i found on the net for it. Everything seems to be in order except the battery status. I have no indication of it. I was running mavericks with a rollback appleACPIPlatform.kext and it was ok but when i do the same in yosemite my serial number dissappears. Looking through forums it is clear that a DSDT edit can solve my issue without replacing AppleACPIPlatform.kext but unfortunately i don't have the knowhow to to it. Is it possible? Could someone help?
  4. digging up an old post here but i didn't know where to ask. I recently played with an imac7,1 smbios on a desktop pc which included the following lines: <key>SMexternalclock</key> <string>200</string> <key>SMmaximalclock</key> <string>2200</string> My cpu is a pentium E2160 @ 1.8GHz but after using that smbios hwmonitor shows throttling up to 2,2 ghz. Is it true or is it "fake"? Can someone oc just by messing with smbios???
  5. Great news for the fujitsu AH552/SL. I upgraded from the i3 3110m to an i7 3632QM (direct swap), also from 4gb to 16gb ram (8+8). Added a custom ssdt for the i7 and throttling works as intended up to a turboboost of 3.2Ghz :cool: Geekbench 2.2.7 64bit scored 11159 points (previous score was 6039)
  6. @peterlazar1993 would you mind posting your DSDT; I'm using one myself and i would like to compare them if that's ok with you
  7. Well in my case when i got rid of usb wifi that i used at first, sleep worked right away. Brightness control isn't working on me either but i have Brightness Slider.app installed so i can control screen brightness.
  8. Tried mavericks gold master today on my Fujitsu ah552 and everything went smooth but my keyboard and touchpad are not working for some reason and so i cannot log on to mavericks desktop. Tried usb keyboard but it doesn't work either. UPDATE Everything now works as intended apart from the audio It's an ALC269 chip and although i use the same kexts i used on ML it doesn't seem to work. It's recognised in system report but it is inaccessible in system preferences. I'm using patched appleHDA and DSDT.
  9. Update -> Replaced the wifi with Atheros AR5B195 so now i have airport extreme and Bt. Airdrop is also supported. FN keys all word except from brightness. Also i found out that vga out does not work as intended but hdmi out works like a charm.
  10. Recently i came across this notebook at a bargain of a price so i decided to move on from the old Dell D830 to the Fujitsu AH552/SL. For starters it seems to have all the necesary stuff to be "hackintoshed". System specs are: Intel Core i3 3110 Ivy bridge -> Fully Supported (Native speedstep etc.) Intel HD4000 -> Fully Supported (w 512Mb of ram) Intel HM76 Chipset -> Fully Supported (Usb 3.0, sata 3 etc.) Realtek ALC269 audio -> Partially Supported (Output is ok, Input is recognised but both onboard mic and external seem to have very low input signal or no signal at all)
  11. the first time i completed the process with edp. from there on i went my way creating my own bootpack with all the kexts i needed and using myhack method everything was working upon first boot. nice!
  12. what i've done is: 1) Install 10.8 using a specific bootpack for the d830 2) Boot normally and update to 10.8.3 (or 4 if u want) using combo update 3) Install and run EDP for D830. optional 4) i did some extra tweaking using a newer version of fakesmc+smbios to boost performance.
  13. just a question Herve: what is IDA BIOS parameter?
  14. herve thats exactly the problem i'm facing. Thinking about replacing it with an apple airport extreme. when you say rebranding you mean flashing a different firmware on the card?
  15. I sucessfully updated to 10.8.4 today, did an edp after the update and everything worked as intended, except for the wifi. After some digging i found out that apple stopped supporting broadcom 4311 natively in 10.8.4 and thus the problem i have.
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