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Which software and updates are not ok for the d630 running 10.6.8?


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Now that I have fully functioning d630 hackintosh, I was wondering if it was fully compatible with software updates that come from apple. 

I got notification about some optional updates:

-Security Update 2013-003
-AirPort Utility
-Apple Software Installer Update
-Remote Desktop Client Update


Can I update these things without anything blowing up :P? Should I be worried about installing certain apps or software? Or is my computer 100% compatible with everything that a mac running 10.6.8 is?

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Yes, if you're already on 10.6.8, you can do all the Apple updates that come to you.


Your laptop can never be 100% compatible with a real Mac, but I'd say you'll be beyond 99%. You can run anything that is compatible with SL 10.6.8 and your HW. For instance, don't go and try to run a fancy CAD software on your little X3100!

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