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Get RSS feeds back in Apple Mail app


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Apple have made losts of changes to OSX over the last couple of years.. mostly for the better - however, one feature/change that i miss badly in the RSS functionality in mailapp - mainly because i "live" inside my mail app during work hours.

How it looked in former versions

Anyway, lets see what we can do about it.

Get RSS feeds back into OSX Mailapp


  1. A machine running OSX ML or newer
  2. A configured mailapp with atleast one imap or pop3 email
  3. An account at https://blogtrottr.com
  4. All your RSS feed urls at hand


How this works ?
We are going to use blogtrottr (or similar services) to read the RSS feeds and send them via email - once we recieve them in mailapp we are gonna sort them into folders


For my example i decided to create a dedicated mail account so it wont interfere with my normal email.

Step 1) - Setup blogtrottr

  1. Login to your account at blogtrottr and click on "Subscribe to a new feed" - now enter the URL for the rss feed and click "Feed me"
  2. Now click on "My Subscriptions", click on the RSS you just added change the subject field to something like this:

 [sHORT_NAME_OF_RSS] - {item_title} ... (We are going use to the [] to filter on in mailapp)


.. eg...


   [OSXL] - {item_title}

.. click "save changes"

Step 2) - Configure mailapp

Asumimg that you have added the mail account for it allready

  1. Open mailapp
  2. Right click on inbox icon for the mail account and click "New mailbox" and give it a name according to the RSS feed
  3. In the topmenu click "Mail" -> "Preferences"
  4. In the pref. window click "Rules"
  5. Click "Add rule"
  6. Give it a good description like "RSS - Osxlatitude"
  7. In the second drop down that saud "Any recipient" change that to "Subject"
  8. In the input field after "contains" type the [] that you added in blogtrottr earlier.. eg. [osxl]
  9. Now choose what folder to move it to (hint: the folder you just created)
  10. Click OK

Thats it, now blogtrottr will fetch new RSS, send them as a mail and your mail client will filter new mails with the correct folder..

In my mail client it looks at bit like this:

Enjoy! :-)


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