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Ericsson f3507g // Dell DW5530


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Having access to the internet is for most of us alfa-omega, its become a part of our daily day.

This is where mobile internet / 3g comes into play - today we'll have a look at the mini-pcie Ericsson f3507g card, this card is also known as Dell Wireless 5530.



  • A laptop that is prepared for WWAN (eg. sim card place)
  • The card above
  • This modem script: mobile-broadband.zip

Steps to success:

Before the below steps, make sure that you have a working simcard without pin code and the f3507g inserted correctly

  1. Download the modem script from above
  2. Extract the model script to /Library/Modem Scripts/
  3. Open Network in System Preferences
  4. Select the WWAN card in the left and click Advanced

Now we need to make sure that we are using the right modem script, ajust your settings so it looks like this:



 ... For some cards it works better to use "generic" and 3g.. like this ..


NOTICE 1: You need to make sure that you are using the correct APN.


Once you have ajusted it, click OK - you will now be returned to the Network screen - add a check in "Show modem status in menu bar" and finally click Apply.

Thats it, you should be ready to connect - please post any questions / issues.






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Leon - I am so happy to see Ericsson f3507g is still working so well on Mavericks.

it is recognized as 2 diail-up modems after I installed on Lenovo x201 (remember to tape pin20 -- it is very important,  otherwise, the laptop does not recognize it). After I patched CellPhoneHelper.kext, there are one diail-up modem, the other becomes WWAN.

It does not matter to create Network Interface based on diail-up modem or WWAN,  they both show signal bar.  I still use you dell script to connect to T-Mobile, 7.2Mbps.

Ericsson f3507g  is fully supported by Mavericks,  even radio indicator is working (turn on/off while connecting/disconnecting,  flashed while data sending/receiving)

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My patch for Ericsson f3507g in CellPhoneHelper.kext:

<key>0x0bdb/0x1900 Ericsson F3507g</key><dict>
<string>Obtain From Service Provider</string>
<string>Sony Ericsson GPRS</string>
<string>Generic GPRS.ccl</string>
<string>GPRS (GSM/3G)</string>
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After I install Ericsson f3507g (tape pin 20) in Thinkpad X201. I can see it is showing up under USB devices folder: 


after applying above patch to  CellPhoneHelper.kext, it is also showing up as WWAN device: (IMEI# and My T-Mobile phone#  from SIM card are both listed there, Apple driver supports f3507g perfectly)


Then check my Network Device (showing 2 Interfaces,  USBModem and WWAN): 


Adding WWAN interface to Network:


It is showing up on Finder MenuBar:




This is amazing 3G card supported by Mavericks 10.9.2

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Hi there, I know this is an old post, buy I just got my dell 5530 wwan card working in Yosemite, if anyone is still interested in using this 3g card (it's all 4g now)

I installed the card in a thinkpad x220 tablet, in network settings 3 things showed up:


Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA mobile

Dell Wireless 5530 HSPA mobile 2

PCI serial adapter

I used the modem script file, in advance modem settings selected "other" and " dell mobile broadband" just like the picture in the first post, then connected any of the two dell wireless 5530 (the pci serial adapter doesn't connect) using my APN as phone number and user/password blank. Works like a charm.

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I can confirm the script by Leon in post #1 still works in El Capitan, and most probably Sierra.


However, it has to be in USB modem mode using 'Dialup' and APN as the number to dial-up (the first picture; but with error correction and compression unchecked).


It will also connect in WWAN mode too (if CellPhoneHelper.kext has been patched for OS X to recognize the card as WWAN), but because there is no option to key in APN, Safari reports there is no network.


I have a hard time getting my Dell 5530 card to work, either as USB modem or WWAN card using 'Generic' and '3G', the script works wonder, many thanks.

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