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Hi, everyone!  longtime user/reader (almost) first time poster.  I'll edit my sig soon, but here's what I've hackintoshed with your help:


Several d620s, too many to recall, actually. Their names were variations on Dackbook (Pro added if they had the nvidia card & 4gb ram)

a Dell Optiplex 960 SFF, moved to a real case and with a 4gb gt630 gfx card, 128gbSSD, 2TBHDD, and maxed out to 16gb ram.  It's name is The Beast

a HP Pavilion Elite 9510f, completely stock, 8gb ram, and 512mb gs9500 gfx card.  It's name is HPac Pro.


Currently stuck with: Dell Latitude e6500.  No access to a working hackintosh, will tackle it when The Beast or HPac Pro is sorted out.


About my profile pic:  That's really a pic of me.  I'm the brunette in the back.  In the center.  Yep, I'm in the panda suit,

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