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/!\ Bluetooth on 10.8.5


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Apple changed its IOBluetoothFamily kext again. It now resembles the kext from Mavericks. A direct consequence for many Hackintosh owners is that a Bluetooth module that was working under ML 10.8.4 no longer works under ML 10.8.5 and kext patching/repatching is required.  <_>



S/L/E/IOBluetoothFamily PlugIns 10.8.4



S/L/E/IOBluetoothFamily PlugIns 10.8.5



S/L/E/IOBluetoothFamily PlugIns 10.9 DP8

  • AppleUSBBluetoothHCIController appears replaced by this new IOBluetoothControllerUSBTransport
  • Broadcom and CSR kexts have again changed names

-> this can kill off some CSR or Broadcom modules and the new kexts need patching. The old patches are good for the bin...  :(

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