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NVidia Quadro 110m issue on D620


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Hello world,


First of all many thanks to the OSXlatitude crew, that's a pretty good work, thanks to them i got a Dual Core MacBook pro like running with my RME HDSP in realtime on Cardbus port!!! That is just awesome...


Config:D620, NVidia 110m, T5500, 1GB,...


Now my issue:


-I followed the tutorials on the site, tried to install the iHack D620 NVidia package that just freeze on the boot Apple screen (the little wheel runs pointless...)

-I tried Natit, NVEnabler and NVInject.

-Tried EDP 1.6


I can't have my external Display working, during my try outs i had it work for a session but once restarted my laptop didn't recognize it anymore. My display should be a XWGA but i can't run it @ 1440X900 needer.


Any ideas?


Thank you all.



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I think there is like 6-7 other threads with this question, but hell.. just for the fun of it, let me repeat it :P


VGA out is extremely unstable for the moment.. or well.. closer to non-working... screen expansion works on some models while cloning is out of the question.

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