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Hey guys i'm amitkool21 and i live in India


well i can't say that i'm new in the scene of hackint0shing as i'm using it from last 2 and a half year from 10.5.2 but never got the in depth knowledge of this whole scene...i mean i have managed to get my all 3 machines working(surely with the help of other users - thanx to them specially aschar,meklort and nawcom) but i never understood the whole working plan behind this


the worst case with me in this scene is getting a FX5500(256MB) working on a machine but never got it worked but got one FX5200(128MB) working :P


i've always a dream than some day i'll use a Mac machine bcoz of its simplicity, asthetics and just everything they gives but yeah i've to admit that my first OS X is not on a real Mac machine.....but gonna but it some day for sure....


my computer skill level is kinda intermediate(on Windows :D) but have no any technical experience and knowledge of programming languages in any OS, but i've done my B.F.A.(Sculpture 1st year only) and diploma in Animation and Graphics so i can work on Maya and Photoshop(but they are past too).......but if our community wants any service(related to 2D/3D) i'm here to serve as i have contacts in whole Indian Media Industry ;-)

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