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well my name is macist, obviously just my nick name, and from Istanbul, Turkey.


been into macs for years but the cost and some other habits kept me from having a real one though i've been experimenting from the first days of PearPC [am i ok to call that little delicious simulator a hackintosh bending the meaning a lil bit ?].


Later moved on to the VMWare and then to the real hackintosh. currently have an external usb drive installed with SL thx to myhack 1.1. now wanna go with the next step; king of the cats, lion.


Majored in IT and i can easily say i've been a computer enthusiast since i was in middle school.


Hackintosh give me the chance to explore the world of Unix with the added benefit of nice UX.


I'm not into programming although i had classes C, C++, web based & assembler. Didn't touch a line of code for yrs.


Experiences: MS-DOS, Windows [The whole family], iOS, Android, Linux flavors.

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