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Asus Rampage Gene II - ML DP3 with software update


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I thought I'd write a short guide to getting this spec up and running, it's partly so that I don't forget what I did to gain a fully working system under ML with the latest update (2nd May).


Here are my system specs:

MB: Asus Rampage II Gene - Revision 1 - BIOS version 1701

Audio codec: AD1989B

LAN: Realtek 8111C

CPU: Intel i7 920 @ 2.66GHz

Graphics card: Sapphire ATI 6850 1GB


Broadcom USB BT adaptor

Apple BT mini keyboard

MS wireless mouse


This is written from memory, I did the install a few days ago and it's taken me this long to get everything working correctly.


Step 1. Follow the regular MyHack 3 guide to setup your ML DP3 USB installation drive and install as described.

- You can choose to install the suggested /Extra kexts but don't remove anything.


Step 2. Reboot (If you have dual screens and ATI6850 only 1 screen will work at this stage).


Step 3. Unzip the attached Extra.zip to your desktop.


Step 4. Go to /Extra and delete everything inside that folder.


Step 5. Copy the contents of the Extra.zip folder that you unzipped in step 3 to /Extra


Step 6. Reboot.


At this point you should have a nicely working system *virtual high five*


What's in my Extra.zip

My DSDT, it has no section for graphics so should work with other cards. It fixes sleep, Orange drive icons and HDA audio. Note: it was extracted from my BIOS version 1701 so you might need to upgrade to that version first.


The /Extra/Extensions folder contains these kexts:


- AD2000b.kext - needed for audio

- AppleHDA.kext - needed for audio

- HDAEnabler.kext - needed for audio

- HDEFEnabler.kext - needed for audio

- AppleACPIPlatform.kext - resolves 75 second delay at boot (not essential if you don't mind the boot delay)

- ATI6000Controller.kext - Only required if you have a Sapphire 6850 (or something very similar)

- RealtekRTL81xx.kext - Built-in network card

-FakeSMC.kext - installed by MyHack3


Post installation

I hit updated and installed the latest updates (around 1.4GB) - rebooted all was well.

I also installed TrimEnabler.dmg to enable TRIM on my SSD (Google it).


If I missed something, or if you have any advice on how I could do this better please let me know.


Note: The forum software won't allow me to upload the Extra.zip as it's over 1MB (Conti can you fix that?)

External link here: http://www.filefactory.com/file/4asjub4 ... /Extra.zip

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Nice post, by all means please attach them to the post, with as unreliable as 'hosting sites' have been these days I'd rather keep them some place I know they won't go dead :)

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