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Hello All,


I am an American who is living in Europe at the present time. I have lived in Berlin, Germany for over 20 years and received my engineering degree there as well. I am currently living in Denmark with my Danish wife, but plan to move back to the U.S. very soon.



My first computer ever was an Apple and I loved it. Since then I lost my way and went to Microsoft. After some years with Microsoft I switched to Linux, but still missed the Apple feel and when Apple went with the Intel processor, I had to try to create a hackintosh.


I was a complete noob a year ago when I first tried to get my Mac up (I did not even know what a kext was none the less what it did). After some pain and grey hairs, I finally got my system up and running and was never so proud of myself.



I do not like messing with stuff that is not broke, so I did not try to overclock my system or make any radical adjustments. The only thing that I did was to upgrade my system when new upgrades where made available.


I was a happy camper until Snow Leopard 10.6.7 came out and I could not complete this upgrade. I tried with deleting the SleepEnabler.kext and HDARollback along with numerous other suggestions, but none helped. I ended up going back to Linux, then to Microsoft. I was very disappointed and yearned for my Mac again.



Recently, Mountain Lion was released and I got all crazy about working my way around my installation problems to finally get the latest Mac OS on my system. I have tried for more than a week to get at least SL 10.6.8 on my system, so that I can at least download Mountain Lion from the App-store.


Although I am no computer scientist, I do know a little bit about computers and was therefore at my wits end when I could not get things running the way I wanted them to. I was ready to give up all hope of ever having a system beyond SL 10.6.6 but did one last search on Goggle and instead of stating my problem I searched for my mobo (GA-X58A-UD3R/rev: 1.0) and Mountain Lion install. I found an article that gave me inspiration to try to install Mountain Lion on my system.


I do not have too much programming knowledge, but if I can help someone with lesser experience, I will always try to help out wherever I can.



Thank you in advance for your guidance in this matter


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