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nVidia or GMA 950


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Hey Guys great site BTW, I've had a good bit of luck with some of the other PC brands and shapes, Dell's mostly but desktops.


I'm doing this next build for my uncle, I found a trusty old D620 on C/List for $200 fair price

So here is the snag, got it back to the cave and for some reason on two separate installs now... it’s been perfect and goes into full video acceleration works perfect (Add+ widget ripple effect etc.) shortly after the install, and update to 10.6.3 I now seem to find I'm running a GMA950 Macbook 1,1 with a 1.18Ghz core duo... I had to turn on the desktop sharing it now only outputs to the VGA port not the LCD panel, it might be in some higher graphics mode to which the panel LCD cannot work up to but who knows, when it’s in screen share on the other Macintosh (10.6.3 Desktop) I can change the D620 resolution upto 1600x10**, I appreciate that there are 2 graphics cards in the real MacBook’s, so how do I lock in the mode I want after the update or updates, I'm assuming 10.6.7 is the final for Snow Leopard as Lion will be 10.7 so if I can get her to this I'll be happy to hand it off to my uncle to drool over..


Any pointers or have any of you guys seen this before, anything would be great... also what’s the deal with the Intel Wi-Fi onboard... this has to be the most common Wi-Fi card in world of laptops and we can't build a kext for it.. That’s weird..


Sleep also doesn’t work, but I guess it’s not supposed to by what I can see on here and most of the other places..


Thanks for your efforts, great stuff...

the duty doc :rolleyes:

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sleep works if you follow the wiki... also there are 2 diffrent d620 you need to build edp for the one you have (gma or nvidia graphics) no intel wifi is not supported osx never used them so no drivers.

Thanks Bronxteck, sorry for the delay in responding, been away for a few months on site.. yes I picked up wifi card from ebay for $9 and its running like a train thank you...



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