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Hello to all fellow hackint0shers. I'm from the internet but was borne and raised in Portugal.


I've tried to hacked anything with a input device since I've seen my first ZX Spectrum and I've been hackint0shing since 2008 when I bought my first MBP. Once I learned I could manage a Mac OSX into a PC, and since Mac OSX its such and integrated experience, I've tried to install it in every PC at home.


I'm a active user on some other forums and have learned how to hack around kexts by changing .plist, injecting hardware vendor ID in compiled code, editing DSDT (Not very good at this) and mainly trying to pull the most juice out of the boxes. I'm also a avid reader, so throw me anything from the ACPI's 900 pages document to a blog post and I'll read it. I hate the trial and error method most of us have to resort to in order to fix our hackint0shs, but just love the moment that thing that was broken starts to work.


My work involves managing large complex software integrated systems and therefore I need to know many "languages" from Programmer to User. I mainly program for myself at work by using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to pull data from several sources and compile it in graphical presentations that tell me if things are running smoothly.


I have some knowledge in the installation and hacking in operating systems or distributions like Windows, Slackware, Ubuntu and Mac OSX. I've long learned how to compile and patch my own Linux kernel, so anything related it's no problem for me.


I blog under a different name and used to manage a World of Warcraft blog and forum when I played.

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