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  1. Source code for Linux Noveau is here. Applies to the cards also listed here. Maybe the solution lies around here. http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/CodeNames/#nvc0familyfermi
  2. And don't forget to contribute for Emlydinesh excelent work.
  3. I solved the mapping for the keys that work by using a application called Ukelele. It allows to switch the keys and save a keyboard layout definition. My problem is that that key is not mappable.
  4. EMlyDinEsh, OSXlatitude says you can't receive more messages.
  5. The Ukelele now correctly identifies my keyboard as PS2, but it stills says its ANSI instead of ISO. The big difference is the < key between the left Shift and the Z key. This post bellow says Apple did this, wich Dinesh confirmed me in PM. I would gladdly contribute with the patch if the source code for Dinesh kext was published: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum/t-110007/ps2-keyboard-as-iso I also experienced the absolutely no keyboard experience, but i believe it comes from some kind of configurations combination on the .plist. For me what happened was when i changed from disable "Right App key" from yes to NO (<false/>). All i did to solve was reinstall the kext changing the "Use ISO layout"from YES to NO. EDIT: Found more people with exactly the same problem at http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/40646-cant-set-ps2-keyboard-to-iso/. They suggest using a empty ADB (whatever that is) to map the <> key and latter change it with Ukelele.
  6. My right alt key also stoped working. Im using the alt key as Command Key and the Windows and Context key as Alt. Also i don't understand what went wrong with the ISO option. I might be doing something wrong since Ukelele (the keyboard mapping app im using to define my keyboard) doesn't see my keyboard as ISO.
  7. I'd like to say that Latin Europeans will be pleased with this feature. I'm very happy to have contributed to this via PayPal and will continue to do so. Thanks
  8. As instructed by EMlyDinEsH I sent my IOreg from [email protected] the DSDT and SSDT already patched, but with no sleep. Also my unpatched DSDT. I have a Asus k53sv with a Nvidia Optimus i know will never work properly, but at least sleep would be nice. Thanks in advance
  9. Did you stoped publishing the code at https://github.com/EMlyDinEsHMG/ElanTouchpad-Driver?
  10. An early development to fix multitouch for Elantech Trackpad was started at http://www.insanlynac.com/forum/ and needs programmers to help port the Linux driver. The project has the code on GitHub and picks up where ProjectOSX ALPS VoodooPS2 stopped. Cavendish is leading the development process. We are looking for programmers to look at the code. For now testers confirm the same output from Elantouchpad as there was from ALPS code.
  11. Sorry for the noob question, but how do you get that information with the ID? From OSX Log Console?
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