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hello guys

the internet is a wide space full of data and the one galaxy who has the INforMation shall rule them all

i was born and raised in Syria but currently living in saudi arabia due to the fact of internal wars and draconaian othorities we have there

i am a windows user , always was ,,, since 1994 started with dos enviroment and win3.11 and so on till windows 7 or you could say : windows 8 era

anyway i always try to learn something new at my free time and one thing i was really wanted to learn about was Apple

i always heard about macs and mac book pros very elegant design, high performance,and a ROCK stable system but, they were without support in my country so i stalled the idea till now

i noticed the intel-mac movement and started listening and reading last month so i gave it a try and purchaced a lion app

using my friends mac book pro

i manged to boot it on my laptop from the first time using (unifail but wasn't pleased with it) ,,,,, i was amazed and every body surrounded me with wows so anyway i was not pleased with its performance so i read and read many guides about it and after many many tries and formats i managed to get it up and running on an external hdd MBR Partitioned sata disk with chameleon bootloader and was very pleased until saturday i saw my bios UEFI support for windows 7,vista so as i was a tech lover i managed to boot my internal hdd to windows 7 OEM with efi bootloader

all the bells and whisles about getting this new bios type thing drove me very far from being the man i was .....

i really wanted to get mac os x running side by side with windows 7 on the same hdd so i was experementing last week with alot of methods to get it really work but because i was clueless and hopeless to do it alone i did some fourm posts on other sites then i heard about you gyus alot of good words so here i am

anyway i wanted to join this community to get my hackintosh in top shape and to ask the unevitable question :

Why can't i install mac os x on a guid partitioned drive with UEFI support turned on in bios ??

i wish you all the best and i need to know why sadly ,,, hmmmm you might say another time but i feel like i do need to know now ?? if possible to either let go or get back on the techy stuff

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