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I am a IT student from Alberta, Canada. I have made two hackintosh's to this point, both for my Dad. One is his desktop tower using a Gigabyte EP45-UD3R and the other a HP ProBook. They both work flawlessly at this point and I am currently working on turning my Toshiba Satellite L755 Core i5 into a Hackintosh! I became interested in hackintoshing when I was younger as I wanted to try Mac OS X but was unable to afford an actual Apple product. I tried several times to get OSX on my old computer and it never worked. Recently I became interested in hackintoshing again after realizing my Dad had an extremely "friendly" motherboard. After quite a bit of hard work and research I was able to get it running beautifully on his dual monitor set up. He then decided he wanted a notebook so we decided to do the HP ProBook hackintosh build.


As I mentioned I am currently and ITS student with a medium level in C++ programming (far from advanced...yet) as well as HTML and some database knowledge. I have built many computers so I am very competent in hardware troubleshooting.

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