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trackpad drivers and settings on D620 question


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Perhaps somebody can point me in the right direction. I'm a little confused about how the trackpad settings are saved and activated by the edptool.comman when one switches drivers from the Apple driver to Voodoo to Slick...


Is a reboot necessary to load the new trackpad driver properly? I ask because I've somehow lost two-finger scrolling. It was working great with the Apple or Voodoo drivers just yesterday. As far as I know, nothing changed on the system overnight other than it went to sleep. But I can't seem to get it back even after deleting the preferences file, installing drivers with the edptool, and rebooting. For whatever reason, the preferences for the Voodoo trackpad are not getting saved after reboot. I've tried applying diskutils fix permissons. Any ideas on a proper sequence to get the trackpad to do two-finger scrolling again?



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