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- Hey myHack community!!!


- I am a filmmaker from Los Angeles. I have fairly moderate skills with computers and building since my first PC build back in 2000. The more I began to edit the more I started leaning towards Mac (and because I was tired of viruses and bugs with windows). Once I bought a MAcBook I was definitely hooked, so I knew I had to get a desktop and I built my first Hackintosh 2 years ago and it was a great experience. I used a build list from a friend (which pretty much was from crackwalk) so didnt really have too many issues getting it up and running, but Im still pretty novice when it comes to Hackintosh and Mac programing/sudo/terminal since i mostly focus on just work and it becomes very time consuming, but i do want to learn more. I was a little more ambitious with my new build (and got some really good deals on components so I went for it). I look forward to learning with this build and especially getting it up running.


Here are my specs so far if anyone wants to jump in and throw some incite my way =)



-Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H

-Intel i7 3770k

-Corsair 16gb Ram (2x8gb)

-Crucial m4 256gb SSD

-Seagate 2tb HDD

-AMD ATI Radeon HD 7770

-OCZ 600w ModXstream pro PSU

-Samsung BD-R

-Mac OSX Mountain Lion

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